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 How posting in this thread works...

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How posting in this thread works... Empty
PostSubject: How posting in this thread works...   How posting in this thread works... Empty02/03/12, 10:44 pm

Everyone sees this section of the forum even if they are not registered. Anyone, member or not, can read and post in the threads here.

The threads will have you make up a guest name to post it under if you are not a member and logged in.

You can post there under your account if you want but you don't have to. If you want to keep your tea separate from your font, then log out and post your tea using a made up guest font.

To Post:
Hit the "New Topic" button and then create a guest name. Please do not post your new tea in a thread someone already created. It helps us keep everything straight. I recommend not using Incog or anything related. Give yourself something possibly related to your tea so we can keep the guest posters straight.

Do Not Post:
On how much you want to be a member. I see your name on my approval list. When I get around to it, I will do it. In the mean time you're more then welcome to post as a guest.
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How posting in this thread works...
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