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 ooops ........... ;)

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PostSubject: Re: ooops ........... ;)   ooops ...........  ;) - Page 17 Empty11/05/13, 07:27 pm

OK, I just might PM you to chat it up. I would need to figue out how. I have to say call me naive or maybe just not interested at the time, I never ever took to online gossip and was completely clueless about so many people dishing their tea. In fact, I lost complete interest in JK, he toured solo was here many times and had no desire to go back and say hey what's up.

I do have to admit, I wasted a great part of my Saturday reading the (forget acronym) for the site you guys left that I had no idea existed-- funny shit but so much about Donny-- I lost interest. Perhaps, I will go back and read but for now, I just feel like buying some shoes. In fact, that is exactly what I am going to do.

My post last night caused me to dream in full detail how I first met all 5 of them. So much crap I read on the other site is true. How girls got get picked etc. In fact, I saw a lot that night backstage since I was too young to get in to the benefit they were doing at that time. A lot of what I read makes sense for one of them he was a complete mess and really only 3 of them have strong personalities. It was really overwhelming-- at that time for me I was so star struck-- I mean my dream was coming true-- lol.

I didn't get to go see NKOTBSB, and although I wanted to-- I must have other priorities and I think they started in my city and by the time I wanted to go, they were not here. I'm going to the upcoming one though... I hink that is what re-fueled my whole google problem last night. IN fact, I can't stop reading some of this stuff!!! Oh, I think I missed out on some good tea. BTW-- wtf is tea?

So yeah, what I have probably is nothing new except the side story but I am not ready to out this well known girl on a public forum. She was super cool and I would love to get back in touch with her some day. I'm sure everyone could respect that fact.

BTW- where are you from? Your time stamp is way off from my local time-- I am EDT.
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ooops ...........  ;) - Page 17 Empty
PostSubject: Re: ooops ........... ;)   ooops ...........  ;) - Page 17 Empty11/05/13, 09:54 pm

Tried to PM you but I can't. I can't even click on your name. Maybe you can tell me how?
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ooops ........... ;)
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